Monday, January 08, 2007

Choose joy!

Hello everyone. Trevor and I went to Gordon again this weekend to help out with Disciple Now. For those of you who don't know, Disciple Now is a weekend designed to disciple youth through Bible study, discussion, and craziness! The group is divided up and stay in host homes of church members. Gordon's DNow this year involved a scavenger hunt, coffee shop, and a service project on Saturday morning (ours was raking leaves). It was a pretty tight schedule with little sleep. Sorry I have no pics since Trevor was wanted to be in charge of the camera. We even saw Travis, Kim and Addison Pringle!
I always learn a lot from the kids and not to mention some pretty cool adults like Claudette and Ed and Christina DeMichele. The tragedy that happened about 3 weeks ago is still fresh on everyone's heart. The speaker also brought up how to choose joy by producing the fruits of
Spirit. I had often struggled with why I just can't "be patient." The reason why I discovered is that you must be growing fruit to produce fruit. In other words its a process and does not happen overnight. So I will be looking for opportunities to Choose Joy when things come my way.

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