Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"New" Truck

Does anybody want to know about our truck? Ask Trevor (:
Service: Can anybody tell me what's up with this? I needed to get a trim badly and knew I probably
wouldn't have to time to get into a scheduled hair appt so I go back to Cost Cutters. I had avoided going there because the last time I went there the lady hung her comb on my ear like 5 times and seemed to be too much of a hurry to get on break. I thought well I have gotten my hair cut there before that incident and it was ok.
I drive to Cost Cutters and it wasnt too busy so I think, "This should be more pleasant." I was wrong and she got no tip. Note I ALWAYS tip at those type places, but this was, in my opinion, bad. She hung her comb on my left ear three times and once pretty roughly. I guess I need to learn to yell out, "That hurts!" I know my ears stick out my head but they are attached to my head! My ear is still red. I wonder if they teach this type thing in Cost Cutters school or what? It was quick is all I can say. Hey Cost Cutters ladies if you need to take a break, take one, and don't cut my hair.
I'm get tired of people in service doing stuff like this. They herd you through like cattle and then expect a reward! Nope, sorry. Hopefully I don't treat you like that when you are my patient. The moral of this story is, I will make a hair appt for 6 weeks from now and not at Cost Cutters!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Tri State and More

Here's a few pictures from Tri State and the weekend with the fam. I have continued working this past week. This week is my first weekend "on my own." Trevor and I have been and will be busy but are doing well.

Saturday, July 07, 2007


Well where to start...
  • Falls Creek was good. Trevor and I go to the Falls Creek service at Calvary tomorrow night
  • Trevor has been working on Star Wars display at Paul's Valley Action Figure Museum
  • Hot Wheels Double Dog Dare Derby (try to say that one three times fast!) was today in Paul's Valley
  • Monday I start my home health job at Heartland
  • Tri-State camp is the week after next
Hope next week goes well for you all too!