Friday, April 03, 2009

Bread truck Monday

It's already a Bread truck Monday.
I made reference to something last week Pastor Mark Driscoll calls "Bread truck Monday." He says as a pastor at times he wishes he could skip the meetings, the conflict, etc and simply drive a bread truck. He says he finds this idea appealing because "it smells like bread, I could listen to ESPN all day, and I wouldn't have to deal with the issues."
I can definitely identify with that. Last week I started my work week on Wednesday and I had a "bread truck Wednesday" experience. I really did not want to go into work. I find myself doing this too often on the nights I go into work.
Most of us can identify with this idea but I find myself thinking, "God must want more from me than this." Sometimes all I can do to get through my three 12hour shifts is to think "only three days and then I am off." Vastly understated, I hate those three days I am on.
I think about the verse where it says, "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart." This is easier said than done when you are afraid of what may crop up during those 12 hours of insanity. But fear is not from God ( I John 4:8). ( But please note that fear and fear of God are two different things) The evil one gets a foothold when I fear and doubt and he motive is clear to "steal, kill and destroy" but Jesus came to give what the Satan intends to steal (John 10:10). How quickly I let the Enemy tell me all kinds of lies to further that purpose of stealing everything I have.
That's why I have to armor up as Pastor Travis Hurst spoke of yesterday with the armor of God and use the sword to combat Satan's lies ( Ephesians 6: 1-18).
So when that Bread truck Monday feeling comes for me... I know exactly how to fight back.