Sunday, March 25, 2007

Old Tyme Pics

Here are two sets of photos from Eureka Springs. The way blogger loads is weird but last year's are the 1930's era. This year's are the western ones.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Pics from the trip

Here's some pics from our trip to Eureka Springs. Note that we lost our digital camera so some of these would have been better. Maybe Trev's camera will give us better ones.
I also had some fake smile going on, don't know what that's all about(:

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Anniversary #1

Some of you may remember what happened this day one year ago. Yes it was a cold and rainy day in March when we will all gathered together to celebrate our wedding. We've already thawed out the cake (not bad I might add, tastes almost "fresh"). We've made arrangements for our child, Jack (thanks Scott and Kendal). We're going to pack our wedding dvd (thanks John!). Now all we have to do is pack and head out to Eureka Springs. You might see us at church this morning. Then again you may not. Check out the ME link on my page for my blog entry and profile song on my Myspace. Ah good memories. Here's some pics just for fun....

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A bloody mess!

The Stories Continue...
One of the patients was quite confused yesterday. He was sitting up in the hall so we could keep an eye on him when I arrived. He asked me, "What movie is it that we are in again? I forgot." I remind him he is in the hospital and I am his nurse (the proper thing to do).
Later on in the afternoon he asked,"Excuse me. I am in Fort Worth and I need to know what stop is my stop." Now he thought he was on the train. He commented to other nurses, "Man, this train sure goes slow!" At least he was pleasantly confused. Apparently, he thought I was mean because I keep telling him he had better stay in his
seat. "She's a mean nurse," he told someone. Oh well at least he believed me.

Let me tell you first that I have spiked blood, oh at least a hundred times in my nursing career and I have never done this before! After verifying patient identity, one must don gloves and carefully pull apart the end of the blood and insert the spike from the IV tubing. I went to spike some yesterday (the 2nd unit I might add) and it didn't stay spiked, it kinda slipped out. I knew I needed to get the end of the bag back up but blood was going everywhere and I was trying to avoid a) dousing my patient and her robe on the chair b) myself. The family asked if they could go get someone I said, "Yes and quickly!" Terri and the techs helped me save at least half the bag (I had to call the dr later to let him know what had happened since the patient didnt get the whole bag. He couldn't understand this.). One tech exclaimed, "It's like a murder scene!" Another said, "It's a bloody mess!" But we did manage to avoid the patient, her clothes, the bed, and I only spattered a little on my shoes. It was a pain however, mopping up blood which ShellyAnne, bless her soul, stayed and helped me with. A bloody fine mess indeed.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Bad Day

Sorry for the depressing last two posts. Last night, I knocked my glasses off the counter in the bathroom effectively breaking them in half. I also developed a severe sore throat and fever a 9:00 last night.
Today my awesome husband took me to get new glasses and the AM/PM clinic to get antibiotics. Meanwhile, and a hundred dollars later, Trevor got ill and we spent the remainder of the afternoon sick in bed. The good points were that I can see again with spiffy new glasses and fixed up with antibiotics. So hopefully my husband and I will be going to work feeling 100% better.

Update: We took Trev to AM/PM and discovered that Trev has strep throat. So we are both at home recovering.

Monday, March 05, 2007

"Shine your light and let the whole world see.."

Today is better than Saturday night. Let's just say Trev and I didn't agree. It was part selfishness and partly constantly trying to understand each other. I am still trying to figure out what my role is in friendships, my marriage, at work, etc.
Work is one of those places where I just don't feel like I fit in. I just don't feel like my co-workers really care about me as a person, what I do, etc. Don't know why this bothers me now, never really has before. And it likely may be MY fault. Lately, I just feel like I am very snippy with patients who are demanding (calling EVERY FIVE MINUTES for whatever). I want to be a light for Christ wherever I am but I'm just not. I struggle a lot with who I am. As prayed about this Saturday night, I confessed my bad attitude. God reinforced that I make him happy NOW by just being me.
Isaiah 62 is the place where God always brings me back to. God says I "have a new name given by GOD himself." And I will "be a crown of splendor in the Lord's hand." He "rejoices over me!"
I felt a little better but drew Trev in an argument and was still upset by Sunday morning at church. We came in late to a song that says

Song: Mighty to Save
Everyone needs compassion,
And love that never fails,
Let mercy fall on me

Everyone needs forgiveness,
Kindness of the Saviour
The Hope of nations

Saviour, He can move the mountains,
My god is mighty to save,
He is mighty to save
Forever author of salvation,
He rose and conquered the grave
Jesus conquered the grave

So take me as you find me
All my fears and failures
Fill my life again

I give my life to follow
Everything that i’d believe in
Now i surrender (and i surrender)


Shine a light in and let the whole world see
Singing, for the glory of the risen king
Jesus, Shine a light and let the whole world see
Singing for the glory of the risen king



When I got to the bridge I couldn't sing it. The tears started because I want so badly to be that light at work but just can't find the balance. Either I'm snippy and rude or I get run over. God still encourages me with His word in Isaiah but I still feel like there has to be something more I can do at work. I don't know if any of this makes sense. Probably doesn't. Just pray for me as God sorts it out.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

"Sharks are like dogs...."

"Sharks are like dogs...they only bite if you touch their private parts."

Yes, this from "our" movie 50 First Dates, the first movie Trevor asked me to three years ago yesterday. We watched it tonight after a rousing game of Star Wars Trivial Pursuit with the Greins and Pringles. Hard to believe Trev and I have only REALLY known each other three years (well you could argue we didn't know each other until we got married but we won't go there) Somehow it is a fitting movie for us(: In less than a month we will have been married a year. Wow. Here's another of "our" moments.
Here's a link to our favorite song. Altogether now: awww. By the way, Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams album is something worth checking out.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

The last two days have been good. Kendal picked me up yesterday to go work out at the Y. We participated in a weight circuit workout and how I hurt today. It was a lot of fun though. Then I went to Stillwater to meet Leslie and Ephraim. Of course we went shopping,etc. Ephraim is getting so big! Today I went to work out again at the Y and did a Yogalates workout. Again it was hard, but good. Finished off today with Bible Study over I Thessalonians 3. Not bad at all.