Friday, January 26, 2007

Finding Time to Read

Several weeks later, I have finished Failing Forward, How to Make the Most of Your Mistakes by John Maxell. I enjoyed it enough and parts were encouraging. I usually try to have the mindset of my mistakes make me better. For instance, when I get lost, I learn a new way to go somewhere. Well I guess except when I go to Alicia's house and I get lost about every time.
Note: I did make it to Alicia's last time without calling her. I did get turned around but instead of getting frustrated, I simply realized from getting lost so many other times I was going the wrong way.
I recommend the book overall.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Days off

I have had a few much needed days off this week. I feel like I have keep pretty busy though. Monday, we went sledding at the Manions. Tuesday, I did some computer training at the hospital. Yesterday, I had a meeting at Baptist over a case. Trevor went with me and we used our Olive Garden gift card his mom gave us for Christmas. Thanks Carla and Terry! It was good. We also were able to see some friends in OKC we haven't seen in a while. And today, thanks to sweet Angel, I get to go to the biweekly Women's Bible Study. I have plans to go to Thirsty Thursday as well. Its been a pretty good week all in all, barring the reason I went to Baptist (which wasn't too bad after all) and some bad news we received earlier this week. I also have to thank my wonderful husband for driving me everywhere the last few days on the skating ponds that are the side roads in Shawnee. Hopefully the weather isn't too bad ( or any worse than its been) so I can sleep in my own bed this weekend. I better stop distracting myself so I can get my Bible Study done!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Well after the ice this weekend just trying to lay low I guess. Avoiding work, I worked all weekend and I need a break! Just looking for God's miracles. The biggest one is a healed heart. You say your heart needs healing? Fall down in view of God's grace. He will carry your burdens and make you clean.
I Peter 5:7 He cares for you.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Many new ways to choose joy....

Monday, January 08, 2007

Choose joy!

Hello everyone. Trevor and I went to Gordon again this weekend to help out with Disciple Now. For those of you who don't know, Disciple Now is a weekend designed to disciple youth through Bible study, discussion, and craziness! The group is divided up and stay in host homes of church members. Gordon's DNow this year involved a scavenger hunt, coffee shop, and a service project on Saturday morning (ours was raking leaves). It was a pretty tight schedule with little sleep. Sorry I have no pics since Trevor was wanted to be in charge of the camera. We even saw Travis, Kim and Addison Pringle!
I always learn a lot from the kids and not to mention some pretty cool adults like Claudette and Ed and Christina DeMichele. The tragedy that happened about 3 weeks ago is still fresh on everyone's heart. The speaker also brought up how to choose joy by producing the fruits of
Spirit. I had often struggled with why I just can't "be patient." The reason why I discovered is that you must be growing fruit to produce fruit. In other words its a process and does not happen overnight. So I will be looking for opportunities to Choose Joy when things come my way.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

I finished a fictional book lately called Blessed Child by Ted Dekker and Bill Bright. The child has miraculous powers about which many speculate the source. As it turns out the boy can walk in the kingdom further than most people can. Raised in an Ethopian monastery by a monk who teaches him about the kingdom of God, the child knows no other way but to walk in the kingdom. The child knows that the world, as C.S Lewis puts it is "Children busily playing making mud pies in the slums unaware that just beyond the horizon is a vacation by the sea."
I have been trying to think about the kingdom of God. As the book pointed out so well that we start on a walk with God to only venture a few steps in the kingdom. How do I keep walking in the kingdom? In the Gospel of Matthew Jesus states, " The kingdom of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field. When a man found it he sold all he had to buy the field."
Seems like I am not sold out for anything these days much less the kingdom. Perhaps if I knew how to sell out for that field I could be on my way.