Sunday, May 21, 2006

Erin and Jared's Wedding

Erin and Jared's Wedding In Salt Lake City

The Beautiful Clare

This is after Nursing Pinning at OBU on Friday.

I'm Free...

No it's not just a Newsboys song. This weekend I had an "opportunity" to think about freedom. Now before I lose a lot of you guys, read the last post about SLC and if you are still shaking your head about what I mean, ask me and I will explain). There was an accusation that was not true. And in Trevor's opinion, I should not have even considered it. But as part of the normal population (sorry Trevor you are excluded) I was pretty concerned about this accusation. I started to get paranoid and think that what I do is wrong on this blog and on the internet is wrong. But I really prayed about it and sought wise counsel. I concluded that what I do here is not damaging to my witness but should always be something I consider in everything I do and say. I thought about Galatians, where people in the early church were saying Christians need to follow the law to be saved. In essence they told people, " What you are doing is wrong. " Paul countered with many reasons why the accusers (the Judaizers) were in fact the ones in the wrong. Paul said emphatically that if the law saves us then we have no need for Christ!(Amanda paraphrase) The law does not and did not save, fortunately for us. Paul proclaimed that, "It is for freedom, Christ has set us free!" This is my resolve for people who try to tell me I am wrong (and what they are really saying is that they are right)
God gave me a brain so I can research and search out who God is.
God gave me a heart that hurts too when people judge me when they have no right to (Jesus himself said so, and I better not be judging anyone else!)
God also lets me live in a free country where I can express my thoughts without thought of repercussion.
Thank God I'm Free!!!!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

From SLC

Greetings everyone from Salt Lake City, LDS central! (For anyone who doesn't know, LDS is the Mormons or Later Day Saints). I am here for a wedding of a good, no great, friend of mine, Erin Gray, soon to be Young. Trevor didn't get to come this time.
The flight out had a layover in Phoenix, Arizona. The airport was nice at least. I arrived in SLC about 12:00 last night.
Anyway, been a busy weekend already. Yesterday, I went to Nursing Pinning at OBU. It was nice. I was shocked how big the classes are getting! That's good news for my profession, which is so chronically understaffed.
I will have pictures later of the beautiful Clare and the gorgeous Erin for your perusal (that means so you can look at them Justin(: ). Later everyone!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Happy Birthday Caleb!!!

Since tomorrow is my brother's birthday, I decided to wish him the best today. My brother Caleb will be 24 years old tomorrow, May 12,2006.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Halls

Since I will let Trev gush over the President....
I will gush over seeing Jon and Leslie. I love the Halls!! Trev and I went up to Stillwater to see Jon graduate from OSU. George W. was there too but I will let Trev tell you about that. The best news is that Leslie is expecting!!! We are so excited for our dear friends!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Take the quiz:
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This quiz was kinda cheesy and maybe not even correct but oh well.

Monday, May 01, 2006

The adventures of Maggot Man and other stories......WARNING DO NOT READ WHILE EATING!!!

Last week, I took care of a patient who had a wound that produced a rather odd and disgusting creature...the maggot. I cannot tell you the nature of the wound due to private information but let's just say it reminded of pirates (argh matey!). The worst part of the whole thing (well besides the smell) was that he kept finding them even after we cleaned him well. He then would call us every time he found one and demanded to know what they were and why he had them. He insinuated that we gave them to him! I finally gave him a cup and told him to save them and then we would dispose of the critters. As for the explanation, I finally told him, "A fly laid eggs and that is why you have maggots." I have seen some gross things as a nurse but this tops them all. And course I had to bring rice to eat for lunch!
The other fun story is about admission paperwork. We ask a lot of questions about pain. So on the location of pain for one man I typed in PAIN IN THE NECK. We all laughed and I rephrased it. Later, a patient came in with a pain in her rear and I thought this patient must be PAIN IN THE BUTT/REAR. Pretty funny stuff.
Reminds me of a patient once that we as staff referred to as a "pain in the rear" though this had little to do with his medical diagnosis. He would call constantly about silly things all night long. One night, the nurse didn't medicate him quickly enough for his "hemorrhoid pain" that he lubed himself up with Ben Gay ointment!!! We laughed that now he literally had a pain in the butt!!!