Saturday, May 20, 2006

From SLC

Greetings everyone from Salt Lake City, LDS central! (For anyone who doesn't know, LDS is the Mormons or Later Day Saints). I am here for a wedding of a good, no great, friend of mine, Erin Gray, soon to be Young. Trevor didn't get to come this time.
The flight out had a layover in Phoenix, Arizona. The airport was nice at least. I arrived in SLC about 12:00 last night.
Anyway, been a busy weekend already. Yesterday, I went to Nursing Pinning at OBU. It was nice. I was shocked how big the classes are getting! That's good news for my profession, which is so chronically understaffed.
I will have pictures later of the beautiful Clare and the gorgeous Erin for your perusal (that means so you can look at them Justin(: ). Later everyone!

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