Saturday, November 03, 2007

On talking to plants

I bought an amarylis plant the other day and have had the opportunity to watch it grow. After I provided it with the prescribed combination of soil, water, and sunlight it has grown, bit by little bit.
At first I thought I had killed it with too little water. Then I went on a trip and feared I had killed it with too little water and not enough sunlight. I try to remember to crack the shade and give it a sip of water when I pass by it. Of course, I tend to forget from time to time. Luckily, it seems to be a hardy plant so far.
Every time I pass by my plant, I am amazed by its progress. Every day it grows a little more. Slowly but surely I will have a beautiful red flower to look at and tend to.
Today as I checked on my plant, I whispered, "To the sky." I figured it needed some extra encouragement after a typical week of my neglect.
After the latest conflict with my husband, I have paused to reflect on my words to him. Unfortunately, I do not always speak as well to him as I do to my little plant. And like my plant sometimes I neglect to give my husband the prescribed things to make our marriage grow.
Sometimes I do things that unknowingly "tear down my home" like little things I see as comments, he sees as discouragements. After today I will make a concentrated effort to encourage my husband and even allow him room to fail. Because the truth is we all fail. And my husband has been there for me in some tough times. And if I can speak kindly to my plant, shouldn't I do more for my husband?
I'll keep you posted on my plant(;