Friday, September 22, 2006


I am off for a few days so I am going to see the fam in Texas. The last few days have been CRAZY!! at work. I stayed at work til 8:30 completing charts tonight. But I'm off!!! Hope everyone has a great weekend. Also, Don Manion is getting better. Praise the Lord. I also was able to speak to my good friend Erin Young this week ( who looks on this blog frequently but doesn't comment). You need a blog too Erin!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I went to get my hair cut at Supercuts in Shawnee and I was so impressed by the girl who cut my hair. I don't even know her name. Not even did she do a super job, she offered to braid my hair so I could work out afterwards. You bet she got a tip!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Prayer Request

Please pray for the Manion family. Don Manion has fallen ill and needs the King to send messengers of comfort and His own healing. Give the doctors wisdom. Also give them peace.

Shoutfest Rocks

I went to my 2nd Shoutfest this year! This one was in Somerset, KY. It was a lot of fun and I got to see Skillet live! It was pretty awesome. The only thing is now I can't get right up to the speakers because I have to protect my investment in Nursing. ( No such thing as a deaf nurse, if there is please let me know!) Check out Trev's blog for more details ( the husband link on the side). Flatfoot 56 was also cool. Irish punk rock is hot.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

I finds it!

"This one's the kicker!"

Today at CD Warehouse,I found a copy of Glisten's 1999 Starlight Wishlist, a local band from Peaster, Tx. Brings back memories of the Halloween concerts in Peaster back in the day. Check it out. I was actually surprised they still exist, at least on Myspace.
Here's a real gem, though. If you locate this album, you must purchase it for me. Its a self-titled album by Between Thieves, formerly known as Judah (if you can find one of those Judah albums you will officially become my best friend).I loved the songs Two Pennies and Despite the Rain. In fact, Two Pennies has to be one of my favorite songs. Check them out here.
Also, I am now the proud owner of Jars of Clay Good Monsters. I am still in the process of previewing that one. I like it so far. And not to be outdone, we now own House, MD Season 2, one of the best shows on tv! I appreciate House's enthusiasm for life and the healthcare profession (uh yeah right, he is one the most bitterly sarcastic individuals ever).
Hopefully, you have enjoyed my show and tell. I will be in Somerset, Kentucky with Trev on an Extreme Inflatables trip as part of the Shoutfest Tour. Greetings to all! I will take some pics this
time. Remind me to tell you all about close encounter with Day of Fire upon our return.

Lyrics to Despite the Rain

I just cant move past these mistakes I've made
With every step I'm tripping as I try to walk away
I guess some kind of penance might ease my mind
The harder I try the more I find...

All I have to do is look to you
And I will never be the same
My lifes been changed
And like a child, I will play despite the rain

Why do I persist to ram my head against the wall?
Why do I pretend there's nothing wrong at all?
Sometimes I wonder why you still fight for me
Its a mystery
But whenever I'm in doubt...

All I have to do is look to you
And I will never be the same
My lifes been changed
And like a child, I will play despite the rain

All I have to do is live for you
And when I call upon your name
Your love remains
And like a child, I will play despite the rain

Staring in the mirror, I see more of you
The reflection of my hearts change
Now there is hope
Now there is peace
Your love has set me free, free, oh

All I have to do is look to you
And I will never be the same
My life's been changed
And like a child, I will play despite the rain

All I have to do is live for you
And when I call upon your name
Your love remains
And like a child, I will play despite the rain

I will play (3x)
Despite the rain

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

New Arrival

A Tri-State alumnus gave birth Sunday afternoon. Meet Sarah Hamilton, daughter of Jeremy and Kari Hamilton, granddaughter of Jim Eschenbrenner.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day!!

Today is Labor Day. In honor of it, I am actually off! Trev and I are heading to Tulsa to spend time with friends. Happy Labor Day. What is everyone else doing?

Moving on...

Well, thank you to everyone who attempted to listen to my opinion last post. Notice, I said no names. My intent was not to maim or hurt anyone, simply to say my view on things, which others agree with. I am also sick of the view that people who stay, love Calvary and our pastor and the others don't. That is not true. You can still love someone and say what they are doing is wrong. We want to see EVERONE get better. That is why I said those things.
I must also state my anger at people telling me to STOP! I will not STOP trying to do what is right just because someone disagrees with me or my view. The world does that to me all the time when I try to do what is right. They tell me I am stupid and that it doesn't really matter. Why is it that I hear that a lot from fellow believers lately? Even if you don't agree with someone doesn't mean you have to blast them. Listen, they might have a little something to say you need to hear. I did that many times in sermons I thought were hypocritical but had things I still needed to apply to me.
I now know a little of how the prophets felt. I will not continue in my discussion because some feel it is damaging. I will do so, even though they would not even listen to me. To that person who said things about me, I wish you could talk to me and not just label me a part of the problem. I also feel as a part of all this mess I had some right, if not obligation to say my piece. My mistake was in thinking that person would hear me out. Sadly enough, I don't think she really cares about me at all.
That being said, I will leave it alone. Don't think that I have forgotten about it though, since the problem still affects me and I still face danger if a certain person returns.
Now enough anger, I have a problem letting things go, yes. Please pray for me in that regard.