Sunday, June 04, 2006

Never alone

"Jesus included me, Yes He Included me, When the Lord said whosoever, he included me."

Let's start off with this is not intended to come off as Amanda's pity party. Yes I am alone for three days but its ok. Gives me time to think.
Do you ever have days where you feel like you just don't fit in? I mean I was at church with friends today after I spent time with most of them in the last two weeks.Even hung out with some yesterday. Maybe its my fault. Maybe I don't know how to interact well with others. But I know this is not true since I do so all the time with these very people. Why do I always feel like I don't fit in?
Not really sure the answers to those questions but I am sure that I need to make more of effort to approach people. I need to stop letting the thought enter my head that I am "in the way." Trevor has a knack for this type of interaction. I do not. That is why I have to make more of an effort but also be understanding. I also need to remember to include other people so they don't feel like I feel now.
I pray that the GROW ministry starts to fill in the gaps for people who come in who are like me. I pray that people always feel welcome in Calvary Baptist Church's family. I am just thankful that Jesus included me.

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