Monday, August 16, 2010

...just a little bit

*Warning! Contains potential spoilers*

I had a fun weekend with my mom and sister when they came to visit this past weekend. We ate out--probably way too much, went to a concert, and took in a couple of movies. The first movie was Eat Pray Love starring Julia Roberts. Eat Pray Love is based on Elizabeth Gilbert's memoirs about her year-long journey around the world to discover her life's meaning.
The movie was refreshingly not the usual stereotypical romance/chick flick. Eat Pray Love appears to convincingly show one woman's progress towards inner peace through divorce, meditation, and abroad.
As I said, I enjoyed the movie as it shows the inner journey one woman experienced. Eat Pray Love is as heartwarming as it is eye opening to the meshing of cultures, religions, and paradigms. It speaks to the increasingly spiritual but not necessarily religious culture we live in today. Of course the lens I encounter the world through relates how the spiritual material matches up with my belief that Christ is the only way to inner peace so I disagree fundamentally with the premise that you have to "find" yourself in gurus, meditation, or other religious practice. Yet, in all honesty, I considered how I could easily allow myself to sit in the theater for 2 hours and merely "feel good" and be entertained.
I also considered the sermon I recently watched online from Craig Groeschel titled Toxic, where Craig explains that some of the things we ingest in culture--movies, music, etc are poison. He also equates this to if we made a batch of brownies and put just a little bit of dog poop in them. Most of us would say, "Dog poop. Ew gross!" Even if it's just a little bit, most people would agree just a little bit of dog poop is still gross.
So I would say I watched Eat Pray Love, was entertained by it, got a few "warm fuzzies" from its heart warming message, at times was even challenged in my thinking but did not allow myself to digest it in its entirety. I was aware enough to realize that I find meaning in Christ alone--not in relationships, religion, or meditation. So in my humble opinion, Eat Pray Love contained a little dog poop--just a little bit.


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