Thursday, April 27, 2006

My top ten list of lame things I enjoy...

The Top Ten Lame Things I enjoy:
10) Fraggle Rock (It's even my ring tone!)
9) Star Wars and the world of Star Wars ( even though I far from being as lame as Trevor)
8) My love of Little House on the Prairie and Janette Oke books
7) My recent obssession with the theories of Lost
6) Driving around Gordon ( my hometown) when I am home.
5) Cheesy white-Christian rap (examples Furthermore, John Reuben)
4) Five Iron Frenzy!!!!
3) My love of the Food Network (and sadness that I cannot watch it on a daily basis, I even watched in on my honeymoon)
2) My love of Dune ( my sadness that very few are as lame as I)
And the number one lame thing I enjoy is...
1) Participating in Embrace the Lame (ETL) Day!!!

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